Caught In The Middle

Nancy Brophy introduces readers to one very interesting leading lady. I loved that Dori was not the typical cookie-cutter heroine when she didn’t swoon at the sexy police officer’s feet. I think she impressed me as much as she did him. The emotion in this story was very heavy but balanced with light touches of humor and everyday absurdity. I absolutely lost my heart to Emma and thought she was brought to life with a fabulous touch. There is something so special about the temperament of a young child who has faced such hardship which just shines through with an enthusiasm. Emma steals every scene she is in and I enjoyed every word. Both Yale and Allyn were also fantastic and I would love to see both of them again, although I’m not so sure if they should end up together or find someone else. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this author has to offer as I did welcome her subtle humor and the clever legal puzzle.

Book Blurb for Caught In The Middle

Hard driving caterer Dori Connors finds herself in trouble when she allows Detective Matthews and his partner to work undercover at a party. When the host is arrested for a series of thefts, Dori's ex-husband, now the Assistant Commissioner of Police is intent upon seeing Dori included in the arrests.

Justice is a slippery slope. Grant Matthews suspects Dori is being railroaded by her ex. He works to uncover the truth. While he is attracted to the woman, he can't spare the time away from his sick daughter.

Grant may be drool-worthy, but he's a cop. Dori's experiences with the long arm of the law have left her bruised and battered.

As usual, fate has the last laugh.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50