Cat's Game

Simone Bern gives readers a fantastic erotic espionage adventure with two dominating main characters. Jan is such a complex woman, she has a voracious sexual appetite when Marcus is around and yet she seems so in control and almost stoical in every other aspect of her life. I enjoyed that for a short story we did learn exactly what made her tick and just why she took the path in life she did. Marcus is ruthless and arrogant with out crossing the line into domineering. He could have easily come across as a tyrant, contentious and demanding but instead I found him to be a natural leader, exuding confidence. The pace is fast and the reader is thrown right into the escapade where both the love scenes and the intrigue were brazen. I wish I could have had a little more detail on some of Jan's past capers. The length of the story was not a problem for me as the pace was good, the plot well thought out, the characters well developed and the suspense subtle. Overall this was an satisfying quick read and fans of scorching hot fiction with a solid story line will find it enjoyable.

When corporate thief Jan breaks into Marcus Damon's hotel room in order to steal his latest scientific breakthrough and before she can make her escape she is discovered and they share an unbelievable carnal physical experience as well as beginning a sexy game of cat and mouse. When she leaves his hotel room without the information she was after the situation intensifies. Marcus is determined to keep his research a secret no matter what the cost. Can two strong competitors give up their rivalry and work on their affinity?

Book Blurb for Cat's Game

A powerful man with a dangerous secret, a beautiful woman desperate to steal what he’s hiding…

The game begins when Jan breaks into Marcus Damon’s New York hotel room and ends up with both more and less than she’d planned. Marcus, the brilliant scientist and ruthless businessman behind Damon Laboratories, pulls her into a raw sexual encounter that leaves her physically satisfied but without the data she’s been hired to steal. After passion turns to intimacy and then betrayal, the game becomes more dangerous than either player expected.

When two predators play cat and mouse, they both lose…or they both win.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00