Captive Princess

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Winter Sloan takes readers on a whirlwind adventure into the darkness of the criminal underworld. Eve Valentin was so easy to relate to. As an overweight teen I knew exactly how she was feeling and how invisible she felt. I knew her pain. And I also knew how it can stay with you as an adult. Vadim Solonik may be a killer but as we are introduced to him he is an abrupt but sensitive man who rescues a lonely girl from a night of misery. He won my heart then and there. He was so unbelievably sensitive towards her and yet he remained the hard man he was at his core. I enjoyed the gritty adventure and the amazing chemistry. The fact that this duo had a history made the story and their connection flow so much quicker. I wasn’t expecting so much tender emotion in a criminal story but I’m so happy there was. If you like your heroes with a strong, rough streak but an undeniable soft spot for the woman he loves, and a heroine who has an abundance of curves, this is a perfect choice.

The Story: Eve has never felt as if she fit into the notorious Valentin crime family, she’s chubby and plain and has always felt invisible except for the one time when Vadim rescues her from the shadows. And now years later he has rescued her again but can she trust the hired killer or is it just her silly teenage fantasy?

Book Blurb for Captive Princess

Can she forgive the man responsible for the murder of her entire family?

Eve Valentin knows she’s no man's first choice. Chubby and plain, her only saving grace is the Valentin crime family name, but Eve soon learns that being a mafia princess is dangerous. Eve’s always known she’s flawed, that its wrong to love a killer without a conscience, But she’s also certain that Vadim will never let her go.

Some say certain sins can’t be forgiven. Vadim Solonik knows that better than anyone. He’s put far too many men in the ground to seek redemption but there’s only one prize he’s always coveted. Ever since Eve Valentin walked into his life, he’s become a man obsessed. Vadim will pretend to be her enemy, to be the bastard everyone says he is, but in the end, she’ll be his in every way.

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Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50