But Names Will Never Hurt Me

A Hilary Adams Mystery, #2

Linday Y. Atkins follows up her successful series premiere with this marvelous mystery. Hilary Adams is as interesting in this installment as she was in the last, but we get to delve deeper into her personal side. She's still as determined and as hard working but even though in the last case her client was a friend in this story we get to see so much more of her private side. We also get to see her reactions and actions to not only her emotions but those around her. Susan and John are people she considers very close friends but it is fascinating to watch her dealing with their secrets. I was a little disappointed with her relationship with Lieutenant Peter Elliot in the beginning of this story because of the ending of the previous, I know this is not a romantic suspense but it seemed an odd way to handle the situation. However this did not take away from the secrets and suspense. Again this author is able to weave characters, emotions and situations into a seamlessly entertaining mystery for the reader and I could not stop turning the pages. I can't even imagine what is going to happen with Hilary next. If you are a fan of solid suspense stories this is one for you.

When criminal defense attorney Hilary Adam's friend John Bradley is murdered in his home, his wife Judge Susan Emmett-Bradley becomes a prime suspect whom Hilary must defend. But as secrets come to life and deceit, deception , corruption and infidelity come to the forefront Hilary finds herself wondering if she really knew her friends at all.

Book Blurb for But Names Will Never Hurt Me

Hilary Adams, a talented criminal defense attorney, receives a late night phone call from her friend, Judge Susan Emmett-Bradley, who has found her estranged husband, John Bradley dead—viciously murdered.

In defending the judge, Hilary finds herself catapulted into a tangled web of deceit, corruption and infidelity. John Bradley clearly wasn’t whom she thought he was, and the unknown side of him gets creepier by the minute. And what’s worse, Susan doesn’t seem herself either, and her secrets can make her defense very difficult. When Lieutenant Peter Elliot starts asking the hard questions, Hilary will have to do everything she can to stop him from sending the wrong person to trial.

Suspense * Mystery * Hardboiled

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00