Bullied by the Alpha

The Alpha Shifter Collection Book 9

Sam Crescent knows exactly what fans of BBW paranormal romance want and this story definitely delivers. The heroine and hero, Cassie and Abel are a fabulous pairing. For all his rough ways Abel is a caring man who just wants to protect his pack. The fact he accepts members who many be considered rejects already made him a good man in my eyes. I could understand how hurt Cassie was by some of his actions, but his reasons far outweighed her temporary pain.

I loved the emotion and the energy between the pages of "Bullied by the Alpha". As a rather shy woman I am hugely attracted to an Alpha male who knows what he wants and leaves no doubts. The supporting characters added depth and revealed pieces of both Cassie and Abel I wouldn’t have discovered without them. The chemistry between these two was absolutely explosive and I enjoyed the way the culmination was handled. Once again, I have picked up a book from this author and my high expectations were not only met but exceeded. If you, like me, like your heroines curvy, your heroes determined and your romances sultry this is a must read!

The Story: Cassie has been shunned from her pack because she is fat. So she has asked to join Abel’s pack or risk being a lone wolf. Abel has no qualms accepting Cassie, but she must follow his rules because no one will take his pack from him. Cassie fights her attraction for Abel as well as her distrust in everyone and tries to fit in. But will Abel’s need to protect drive her away?

Book Blurb for Bullied by the Alpha

Abused and expelled from her pack for being fat, Cassie has to find a new alpha, one that is willing to take her with her flaws. She has heard of Abel, an alpha with a bad temper, who was expelled from his original pack and created his own in some mysterious way. She can only hope he will accept her.

Every person Abel takes into his pack has some flaw that has been rejected by others, but he doesn’t see flaws, just beauty. When he first sees Cassie, he knows he wants her. He senses the darkness and the strength inside her, and he has no choice but to use every single means possible to make her crack, so that she can use the strength that now terrifies her. Only by pushing her is he able to get under her skin and unleash the power that Cassie holds.

But Abel’s needs come flooding him. He’s the alpha, meant to be strong. No woman has ever been able to handle him. Has he found that woman in Cassie? Can she handle his brand of control? His need to protect?

Be Warned: bondage, spanking, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.50