Broken Bastard

Killer of Kings Book 2

Stacey Espino and Sam Crescent follow up the first in their series with deliciously dark heroed love story. Bain is absolutely fascinating and his reaction to Scarlett is practically unbelievable which is what kept me riveted. Having briefly met him in the first story and after the way he meets Scarlett it was practically magic to see the change come over him but it was entirely believable. Scarlett is curvy, not quite confident woman but she is truly determined when it comes to her career. she has the natural curiosity of reporter and I loved how her inquisitiveness overruled her fear. With each piece of himself that Bain reveals his life choices make more sense and it becomes even more miraculous that he has such strong feelings for his captive. The authors weave emotions and action with a gritty situation ad I just couldn't get enough. This was one of those fabulous stories that you can't stop reading and when it ends you want to keep going and are sad there is nothing more left. I cannot wait to see what this series has in store for me next.

The Story: Bain is a killer! It's all he's ever known. It's what he has been trained to do. He needs to make the kill at all costs. But when he comes across Scarlett he just can't bring himself to kill her. She brings out foreign feelings in him and he will do anything to keep her safe and in his life.

Book Blurb for Broken Bastard

No mercy. No pity. No women.

Bain has always worked solo, refusing to allow anyone to lord over him. His life has been fucked up enough, and he’s learned trust comes with a price. When he finally accepts an invitation to work for Killer of Kings, he regrets the decision after his first contract. It was supposed to be simple, now there’s a curvy little temptation tied up in his basement.

Scarlett struggles to move up in a career where appearances are everything. When she lands a risky interview with a known crime boss, she hopes it will be her big break as a reporter. Instead, she’s caught up in the middle of an assassination and taken hostage by the hitman. She wants to hate the tattooed devil, but finds herself intrigued by his story. Is it the reporter in her wanting to know more…or the woman falling for a broken man?

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Book One: Taking Her Innocence

Book Two: Broken Bastard

Praise for Taking Her Innocence:

"Prepare yourself ...…this book is intense! Wow! Hello! This book is crazy good! Viper is pure sex on legs. He’s gorgeous but he’s got that dark side that makes him extremely dangerous. I love the plot, it’s a romantic suspense burst. It’s splattered with sex scenes that had me very nearly drooling over my ereader. Seriously. Fans self. If you like dark romance, then Taking Her Innocence should be at the top of your TBR pile!" —TBR Pile Reviews

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00