Blood Will Tell

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Blood Will Tell

Angel Nicholas draws readers in with this wonderfully complex romantic suspense. Laura Nichols has one heck of a unique life story and while I expected her to be a little more rich girl-ish I was pleasantly surprised to find she was a sincere, down to earth kind person. I loved how she dropped her political mask in place whenever she needed to as someone who has the worst poker face in the world I was envious of this ability but saddened at how she achieved it. Her powerful reactions to Chief Nate Sterling were both enlightening and entertaining to watch. I was able to learn so much more about her from these moments. Nate has that absolutely hero-worthy characteristic of being a big strong alpha man but it is softened by his desire to protect and by events from his past. Seeing these two people struggle with their feelings while in such an intense situation was fabulous. I love my adventures and mysteries with romance because people do not always find someone under ideal circumstances. I loved how well developed the characters in this story were, even the bad guys had something to recommend them. If you like your suspense stories to have elements of romance, adventure, politics and so much more then do yourself a favour and pic this one up because it is a fantastic read.

The Story: Laura Nichols moves to a small town in the hopes of leading a a quiet, peaceful life but that dream is spoiled when a deadman shows up on her back porch. The body disappears before the police arrive and then things get really weird. Soon there is more drama in her life than ever before.

Book Blurb for Blood Will Tell

Laura wants anonymity. The Chief wants answers.

With the purchase of a darling little house on the Washington coast, Laura Nichols took decisive control of her life. The dramatic ocean vistas are the only type of drama she’s willing to allow in her life these days. As a bonus, small towns are toxic to power hungry alpha males. Clean salt air, blue skies, and wet sand stuck to the soles of her feet sound like heaven.

Pity no one told her heaven comes with an expiration label that closely resembles the toe tag on a John Doe. Or that the chief of police in her sleepy town would be more alpha, and far more irresistible, than any Gucci suit wearing date she’d suffered through in Olympia. And if her high-ranking political family finds out about the attempts on her life, a security detail will be camped out in her living room. But hey, what’s a little attempted murder between friends?

Passion flares, but danger is rolling in hot on the moonlit tide.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50