Blood On The Feather

Melinda Elmore gives readers a mystery full of native wisdom and legends. DeShay, Hawke and Melina are all extremely likable characters and between the three of them many enjoyable pieces of folklore and beliefs are revealed. I have always loved learning about myths and cultures and other ways of life and this story provides. The mystery takes a bit of a back seat to the lifestyle and relationship between the detective and the FBI agent. There is also a secondary romance involving DeShay which was nice to see but I did not find I was able to make much of an emotional connection with any of the main characters. The scenery is fantastic and I loved how every scene and animal had a much deeper meaning. I'd like to see another story take place as the three leads take on the different directions their lives are headed into. Over all I found this to be a very spiritual and enlightening read while providing an unassuming whodunit.

While on a dig Archeologist DeShay Graywater discovers the body of a murdered young Sioux woman. Detective TJ Hawke is determined to bring closure to the young woman's mother and set the victim's restless soul free. To help with the investigation FBI agent Melina Wolfe joins the local police and the two must not only solve the disturbing crime but deal with their past and the current feelings they have for each other.

Book Blurb for Blood On The Feather

Archeologist, DeShay Graywater finds much more than she is looking for on a dig Lakota Sioux land. When detective TJ Hawke and FBI agent Melina Wolfe team up to investigate the murder of a young Sioux woman, much more than the case and their shared past present problems. Adventure, Native culture, and mystery combine in Blood On The Feather to make this a romantic thriller that keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.25