Bits 'n' Bytes

Sam Cheever delivers a fantastic modern day love story in this sweet and steamy offering. From the very first moment when Bliss is introduced I felt a connection with her even though I am now where near the clueless computer novice she is but her genuine fear and loathing of having to replace the only piece of electronic hardware she trusts secures her place in my heart. Bliss is the cougar I have always wanted to be when I grow up. Even deeply hurt by her previous lover she is strong and capable and self-assured without being over confident. Brad is such a fantastic leading man, and you can tell a lot about someone who treats their dogs as part of their family even if nothing else impressed me about him this would have. He is such a sincere man and his attraction to Bliss is tangible. He is a hard worker and I have always had a soft spot for handsome men with wire rim glasses, especially if they love their fur babies. I love how the love scenes added to the story and the plot, enhancing the emotion and solidifying their connection. The witty banter and the comfortable rapport between the hero and heroine had me feeling that they belonged together.

Bliss Drake has always been dauntless in her pursuit of sexy younger men, until one recently breaks her heart. The only thing that she really fears is having to replace her old laptop. She is surprised to find herself propositioned by a gorgeous computer geek while she contemplates committing hara-kiri by hardware. Can the computerphobic cougar and the tempting techie come up with a sequence of instructions for a successful venture?

Book Blurb for Bits 'n' Bytes

Self-proclaimed cougar Bliss Drake has blue screened. Suffering from a broken heart and a dead computer, she finds herself standing in the middle of an electronics store nursing sweaty palms and lusty thoughts.

Tall, dark and sexy Brad Hoffman is a nerd. When the beautiful black woman with a serious fear of computers starts talking about flinging herself into a display case at his favorite electronics store, he’s happy to offer his…erm…services.

Can a computer-phobic beauty and a sexy geek ever sync up? Only if they can cobble together the right bits ‘n’ bytes!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00