Between the Sheets

A Heroes for Hire Novel

Genie Davis and Linda Marr present a well plotted romantic suspense in a beautiful location. This was a solid suspense story with intriguing characters and a fast pace. Because it wasn't a whodunnit mystery I felt that I was able to keep my focus on the lead couple. Jenna Brooks was so easy to relate to as an average woman when I was first introduced to her and my admiration grew with her character and actions as the story progressed. The stronger and smarter she showed herself to be the more I admired her. I have to say that with all the reader insight I had in to Riley Stone's character I couldn't help but fall for him but I found myself pretty wary of Jenna falling for him when he was so darn secretive. Overall I enjoyed this story and I think it would make a great read by the pool or curled up in front of the fireplace. I'm looking forward to what else this duo has to offer by way of sexy suspense.

Jenna Brooks is nothing like the characters she writes about in her erotic romances but she soon finds herself immersed in a situation similar to that of her work in progress. A tall dark and handsome stranger rescues her on a stormy night and soon she's plunging in to a reckless relationship where unbeknownst to her danger lurks around every corner. Riley Stone is undercover to nab a drug lord who knew he'd fall for the villain's sexy neighbor.

Book Blurb for Between the Sheets

Erotic romance writer Jenna Brooks lives an ordinary life in a quiet Oregon town, putting hersensual heart into her fiction rather than her everyday life. Deeply involved in her latest story aboutglamorous lovers on the run, she laughs off a carnival gypsy’s prediction that she’ll findeverything she desires “between the sheets”—apparently those her DeskJet is printing. Becausesuddenly, Jenna finds herself drawn into her own stories, literally. When the seductive, mysteriousRiley Stone rescues her from an attempted hit and run, she’s plunged into a reckless, wildrelationship unlike anything she’s ever experienced—except on paper. Meanwhile, Riley is feeling pretty upended himself. A consultant with the FBI, he’s on a missionto derail a drug kingpin whose wealth and extensive real estate is managed by Jenna’s neighbor.He’d planned to ingratiate himself with Jenna just enough to gain access to her neighbor’sapartment so he can keep a close eye on the neighbor’s comings and goings. Instead, he findshimself not only drawn to Jenna, but falling for her, hard. On the heels of this realization comes thediscovery that her new neighbor didn’t move in next door by chance: Jenna’s father is the lasthold­out against a drug-money fueled billion dollar development scheme, and her neighbor plansto take and hold Jenna hostage until the necessary papers are signed.        As Riley struggles to keep Jenna safe, the romance they’ve woven could force them to pay theultimate price: admitting they’ve fallen in love—for real.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50