Bedroom Eyes

Skin Deep, Book One

Desiree Holt delivers a glimpse into the painful life of a self-conscious disfigured woman with this erotic and touching story. From the opening sentence you cannot help but feel the loneliness and unhappiness that Bridget lives with every day. I felt a little overwhelmed by her distress but never did I feel as if she didn't honestly have a reason for her grief. With each passing word I grew to know and understand her even more, up until the very last line I discovered more about her personality. Clay Randall is an actual hero and while he could have come across as larger than life and even two-dimensional he was so very real. I loved that he was not perfect but that he was authentically male. His shortcomings made him all the more attractive to me. Their interactions were so absorbing that I couldn't read it fast enough, yet I also didn't want to rush it and feel as if I were missing anything. The sex scenes are smoking hot but the under-laying feelings make it all the more beautiful for those of us with an idealistic penchant. The descriptions, dialogue and details are beyond fabulous. This author has become one of my favorites and thankfully because she is so prolific I never have long to wait for another fantastic offering.

Book Blurb for Bedroom Eyes

Bridget Reilly has lived her entire life using dark glasses to hide her deformed eyelids. But she also hides her real self, working a dead-end job and locking herself away from any social life. In secret she lusts for her next-door neighbor, Navy SEAL Clay Randall, a lust unexpectedly fed during an electrical blackout.

When a masked ball provides the opportunity for her to have an entire night of glorious, unrestrained, erotic sex with Clay, how can she ignore it? The night more than exceeds all her expectations and now she wants to find a way to have a real relationship with him, without the mask. She applies to the Durban Trust, a fund set up by a former movie star to provide plastic surgery, and the surgery is successful. But what she hadn’t counted on was Clay’s reaction when she revealed all to him—and the wedge it would drive between them.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.75