Be a Good Girl

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Be a Good Girl

Tess Diamond delves into the past with this heartfelt romantic suspense. Abigail Winthrop and Special Agent Paul Harrison have known each other their entire lives so it gives them a unique relationship. Add in the fact they have been friends for that long and have a shared tragedy in their past, and you have an awesome book. Both are strong minded and determined and have an openness with each other that is refreshing. But even more enjoyable than witnessing their openness with one another is seeing them navigate their inner feelings while dealing with bringing the past to the forefront. Adding into the mix the fact they are hunting for an active serial killer life becomes much more than intense as the past and the future collide. I enjoyed the closeness of the characters in "Be a Good Girl", how I felt a part of the family and a genuine connection between Paul and his sisters and how they so quickly accepted his coworker into their circle. I was hooked by the intelligent suspense in the story and how clues and information were revealed. If you like your suspense stories to be smartly written and intricately told this is a romance for you.

About the Story: Special Agent Paul Harrison has handled some of the most difficult cases the FBI has ever handled. When a trip home leads to investigating the case of his dead teenage sweetheart he isn’t sure that even working with his childhood best friend Abigail Winthrop will keep the demons at bay. But when he realizes she now has a target on her he realizes she’s not just his past but quite possibly his future.

Book Blurb for Be a Good Girl

In Tess Diamond’s third romantic thriller, an FBI agent teams up with the one woman who can offer the salvation he needs as they search for a serial killer . . .


As the head of an elite FBI unit, Special Agent Paul Harrison seems to have everything figured out, but beneath the surface, an internal war is raging. When he returns to his rural hometown for the first time in a few years, he’s faced with the memories that led to his losing the love of his life.

Fifteen years ago, Abigail Winthrop’s best friend, and Paul’s girlfriend, was murdered by the infamous serial killer Doctor X. Now an investigative journalist, she’s determined to find the truth. But when Abigail discovers evidence that clears Doctor X, she realizes the real killer is still out there and is striking again when local young girls begin disappearing.

Turning to Paul for help, Abigail joins forces with him. As an undeniable attraction develops between them, they must heal deep wounds from their past—and find a relentless psychopath who could extinguish their hopes for a future together.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00