Bare Naked

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Bare Naked

Naked Cowboys, #4

Desiree Holt never disappoints and this contemporary romance definitely lives up to her reputation. Georgie Zielinski is a wonderful leading lady. She's been through a lot but she won't let it deter her. Her strong character is admirable and the fact that she is such a hard worker makes her very appealing and easy to connect with. Cade is one complicated man. There is no sugarcoating his faults and his former actions yet he is not beyond redemption and the man he is now is what matters. Watching him working so hard made me feel as if he were truly worthy of Georgie's trust. It was great catching up with some of the people I've met in previous books and I look forward to meeting even more residents of Saddle Wells in upcoming stories. Ms. Holt has the skill to add a depth of emotion to her smoking hot stories and create true connections between her characters and the reader. If you are looking for a well-written, steamy, love story this is the one for you.

Georgie Zielinski has had enough of corporate politics and gossip so she uses all her savings to buy an abandoned B&B in Saddle Wells, Texas. But with a limited budget and more work than she can handle on her own she needs a handy man. Cade Hannigan has lost everything, his money, his lifestyle and his past behavior has left him with no friends and no more options, so when he begs Georgie for a job. These two soon find that starting over is more than a possibility. But will the past come back to spoil their future?

Book Blurb for Bare Naked

She’s burned out and he’s down and out, but together they might light up the night.

Georgie Zielinski’s success in the hospitality industry comes to an abrupt end when her new boss says she needs to put out or get out. So Georgie gets out, investing her savings and 401k in a dilapidated B&B in Saddle Wells, Texas. Hiring help isn’t high on her to-do list, but when a rough-around-the-edges cowboy offers his handyman services, she listens to her gut and takes him on.

Cade Hannigan would eat humble pie all day if he could afford it. The silver spoon he was born with is tarnished and he’s down to the clothes on his back, a beat-up truck and a reputation so bad no one in three counties will hire him. Except a newcomer like Georgie.

As they work to bring the old B&B back to life, Georgie and Cade’s connection explodes into a wild ride of passion. But when Cade’s past comes back to slap him in the face, their chance to be together starts to disappear like smoke.

Warning: Contains a bad boy hammering out a new future, a good girl not afraid to get a little dirty—okay a lot dirty—and and a whole new definition for “sweat equity”.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50