Baked to Death

Cookies & Chance Mysteries, #2

Catherine Bruns has whipped up another delicious treat with this delightful cozy. I couldn’t wait to read this story after all Sally’s bakery is known for its fortune cookies and I love fortune cookies! This time around we get to witness a little of what goes on behind the scenes of a television cooking contest and I for one found it fascinating. There was also plenty of what made the first book so enjoyable, mainly Sally’s crazy family. Her mother and father crack me up as even with their outlandishness the love is evident. I absolutely adore her grandmother and they have such a wonderful relationship and while I find it beautiful I’m also a little jealous not to have my own grandma in my life. This is definitely a mystery not a romantic suspense but Sally’s relationship still plays a big part in the story. Her ex makes enough of an appearance to make me wonder how she could have married such a man but really haven’t we all made at least one bad choice? The story once again includes recipes and while I’ve never claimed to be a skilled baker I’m definitely going to try out one or two of them. I think I might have enjoyed this story a tad more than the first. If you like your mysteries to taste sweet this one is a good choice.

Sally Muccio’s life couldn’t be better, her business is succeeding, she’s in a happy relationship and she and her best friend are heading to sunny Florida to take part in a television food contest. But her ex shows up and manages to make everything turn upside down before getting murdered. And now Sally’s boyfriend is the number one suspect and her former in-laws are presenting her as the grieving widow. Can she find the killer, win the contest and keep her sweetheart?

Book Blurb for Baked to Death

Baker turned reluctant amateur sleuth, Sally Muccio's, finally found the happiness that's eluded her for years. She's in love with a great guy, her bakery is thriving, and now she and her best friend Josie Sullivan are gearing up to appear on the popular reality baking show, Cookie Crusades. But a visit from Sal's greedy ex-husband Colin, who's looking to cash in on the bakery's dough, changes everything. Within a few hours Sal's world—like the shop's original fortune cookies—is broken apart when Colin turns up dead, and her boyfriend's arrested for the crime. Now Sal's mixing it up with vengeful ex-inlaws, a suspicious new employee, slippery baking competitors, and a greasy mobster who'll stop at nothing to collect on Colin's unpaid debt. Can Sal prove her man is innocent in time? Or is she about to get baked herself?

Recipes included!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50