And Cafe Con Leche

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And Cafe Con Leche

Evie Alexis brings to life the everyday mundane and drama of a teenage girl's last months of high school with poignancy and humor. Isabela is such a genuine lead in a young adult novel, it is refreshing to have an average girl dealing with non-paranormal problems in her life. Issues with her Mama are easy to relate to as is the unfair way her brother lives by a different set of rules. Issy's support system is fantastic; the group of girls is so supportive even when they are dealing with their own issues and insecurities. I loved how Marcus embraced all of the rumors circulating about him and how laid back he was in general. The connection between JR and Isabela was an interesting one, as someone who doesn't have a brother or a twin I found it insightful. I enjoyed witnessing our heroine's struggles as she tried to be true to herself while trying not to disappoint her father and her friends. My only issue with the story was the almost trite way the family seemed to solve all their issues by the end of the story, I found it hopeful if a bit unbelievable.

Isabela Castillo's parents are very strict Puerto Rican immigrants who shield her from the world while encouraging her twin brother to embrace everything offered at their New York City high school. She has almost achieved her ultimate goal; to graduate and attend a prestigious college.preferably a college out of state as she wants to be far away from her dysfunctional family. Yet now that the finish line is within reach she wonders if she really wants to leave her friends especially when she becomes so close with the weirdest guy in school and begins to assert her independence earlier than she'd planned.

Book Blurb for And Cafe Con Leche

As a teenager growing up in New York City, Isabela Castillo's protective parents try to keep her sheltered from her environment while allowing her twin brother to get away with things she only dreams of doing.

While her Mama stresses the importance of maintaining their Puerto Rican heritage, Isabela has other, more rebellious plans. As graduation looms on the horizon, she enters a controversial alliance with the strangest senior male in Preston High. Will her newfound friendship cause her to lose sight of her heritage? Will the family survive Isabela's transition to independence?

The story is multicultural, geared towards the urban, Latino audience, or anyone with strict parents for that matter.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00