An Honorable Wish

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An Honorable Wish

A Lady's Wish

Eileen Richards grants the wishes of her fans with the second book in her fabulous Regency series. I've been waiting to read Juliet's story and I was not disappointed in the least. The potential the young Juliet showed in the previous book was realized beyond my hopes. She is such an endearing woman, full of intelligence and heart. Her curiosity and her loyalty went beyond admirable and I loved how she didn't necessarily follow society's dictates. Her wariness with Tony was so understandable and I found myself holding my breath in the hopes these two would end up just where they belonged. Tony Matthews is a complete sweetheart of a hero and I was already in love with him prior to this book and while I didn't think it was possible to fall even deeper I definitely did. I actually felt he and his brother were much harder on him than he deserved. It was nice to catch up with some of the characters from the previous story and get introduced to some new ones. I'm looking forward to reading the remaining sisters story, I freely admit I'm wondering just how the author will make me like her because so far I've been unable to find anything amiable in her at all. I know my review refers to the first story, which I recommend you read but I believe this story will be enjoyable even if you haven't read the previous tale.

Juliet Townsend had a crush on Tony Matthews when she was a girl but now that they've both grown older she has left her childish dream behind. Tony has returned from London and wishes to live down his reputation as a rakish gambler. He plans to leave the city life far behind but he needs Juliet's help. Can he convince her that he loves her while keeping a secret from her?

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Tony Matthews spends his time in London’s most notorious gambling dens, frittering away his fortune. But when his latest victory leaves a man ruined, Tony knows he’s reached his lowest point. Determined to make amends, he returns home to his family’s country estate with plans to settle down and marry at last. And he hopes the lovely Juliet Townsend will help him—if only he can keep his disgrace a secret.


Juliet’s secret wish has always been for Tony to love her. The only bright spot in her dreadful London season was dancing with him—before he disappeared to the card rooms. Now, he’s returned, but has he truly changed? Or will gambling always be his mistress, even if she becomes his wife? And does Juliet dare risk her heart by finding out?...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00