An Act of Deceit

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An Act of Deceit

A Sarah Woods Mystery, #2

Jennifer L. Jennings immerses her readers in to the life of a newbie sleuth with this second story in her mystery series. Sarah Woods is an interesting character but I honestly had a hard time feeling a connection with her. As I stated for the first book, a big part of the reason I picked up the story was because the leading lady wasn’t a woman just starting out in life, what I got was a woman who seemed to me to act in a more juvenile way than I was expecting. As far as her relationships were concerned I had problems with how Sarah handled her situations. I was not expecting the strong romantic thread and I had to pick up the second book to see if a resolution had been made. Over all this was more of a cozy mystery rather than a hardboiled who-dun-it and it is appealing in its straightforwardness. I enjoyed the actual mystery with its unexpected twists and secrets and the author has a wonderfully amusing candid style.


Massage therapist and part-time private eye Sarah Woods becomes embroiled in a murder case after she becomes acquainted with the victim while trying to prove his philandering habits. It looks like a simple accident but his widow believes it wasn’t and soon Sarah is hanging at a strip club and pretending to be a journalist. Can she ferret out the culprit before she has an accident of her own?

Book Blurb for An Act of Deceit

Featured in Amazon's Top 100 Hardboiled Mysteries Sarah Woods has a secret. His name is Carter, a private detective from Boston who hires Sarah to help him carry out a peculiar assignment that requires a woman's touch. Her task? Expose the philandering restauranteur, Marty Quinn. However, the case takes a drastic turn when Marty ends up dead. Was it an accident, or murder? To find the truth, Sarah agrees to go undercover at a strip joint where the clues to Marty's death may be revealed.But the case takes a dangerous turn of events and leaves Sarah wondering if she's in over her head. Will she put her own life at risk to discover the truth?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50