Ali's Victory

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Ali's Victory

Kat Duncan pulls you in from the first and never lets go with this fantastic Romantic Suspense. I love how I got swept up in the action and then in the lives of the hero and heroine. Ali Granger is a no nonsense woman who is thrown into a fantastical situation, made even more unbelievable by the addition of a flamboyant former pro wrestler Hammer Victory/Ben Dewey. Ben is a fabulous hero. His almost childlike eagerness with life is infectious and he seems to have no pretences, what you see is what you get and it’s rather refreshing. He is far from perfect but his flaws just make him that much more appealing. This couple have a lot in common and yet their major differences seem to balance each other out. Ben kept me chuckling quite a bit while I was wondering just how they were going to get out of the mess they’d found themselves in. I was drawn in by the premise of this story and how entertaining it was. I’m looking forward to reading more of this author’s stories if only to confirm her other adventures will be as fun. I’d also love to see Ben’s pilot friend find his match.

Trying to move on with her life after the death of her husband, young widow Ali Granger takes a new job and days later finds herself targeted by a killer. To escapes to a private island where she meets a wonderful man named Ben Dewey. She discovers Ben is former wrestler Hammer Victory and that his wife died under similar circumstances as her husband. Together they plan to expose a fraudulent drug company and their deadly product but someone is willing to stop at nothing before that happens.

Book Blurb for Ali's Victory

What young widow Ali Granger doesn't know can put her six feet under. Her boss, a medical advocate fighting drug companies, has been murdered, and she's on the run from a killer. After stealing a boat and crashing on a private island, she meets the man of her dreams. Only he's holding a shotgun, and it's pointed at her.

Ben Dewey, a.k.a. former entertainment wrestler Hammer Victory, never expected to find Ali's brand of trouble on his doorstep. But when she uncovers evidence that both his wife and her husband died from the same unexplained condition, he agrees to help.

Danger and desire lurk around every corner as Ali and Ben team up to expose a dietary supplement as a deadly, addictive drug--before the forces behind it silence them forever. But if they succeed, can they leave the past behind and find love again?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00