Alien Mate

Eve Langlais starts a fantastic series with this sexy sci-fi story! I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of the follow up stories in this series and couldn’t wait to read the one that started it all and I was definitely not disappointed. Diana certainly has gumption and I love that even though she finds herself in a fantastical situation she doesn’t plan on backing down at all. Kor is an Alpha male with heart and I swear if Diana hadn’t fallen for him I would have completely lost all respect for her. If you are like me and were a fan of The Jettsons cartoon when growing up, you’ll undoubtedly love Diana’s new living quarters and the wonderful inventions she discovers. Overall this was a pleasant read in a light and fun style I’ve come to expect from this author and I highly recommend it if you like a like sass with your sexy!

It’s just another staid night at home alone for Diana that is until a naked blue alien ends up in her living room. Before she can exclaim at just how galactically well hung this hunk is, she finds herself whisked away on his space ship and headed for his home planet to be his mate and bear his children. She might have no choice in the matter but Diana doesn’t plan to be a meek and biddable woman and Kor is surprised that she’s the opposite of what he requested but exactly what he needed.

Book Blurb for Alien Mate

Plump Diana is ironing her underwear when the hottest blue babe in all of the galaxy appears in her living room. Did she forget to mention he was naked? Abducted, decontaminated, and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become his mate.

Kor asked his ancestors to find him a biddable, docile mate. Instead they found him Diana--a curvy, argumentative earthling who sets his pulse pounding and his loins on fire. He might be an alien who doesn't understand the meaning of love, but he sure knows what he feels is more than lust.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50