Alien Mate 3

Eve Langlais has once again made me believe in sexy blue aliens! In fact she makes me want to be rescued by one of my own. I'm usually not a fan of the science fiction genre but Ms. Langlais' light touch and humor have converted me. Once again our blue hottie is paired up with a strong, smart human Earth woman. I love how Penny's scientific brain and female hormones react to her rescuer. I also loved how spunky she was and how her curiosity was never curbed; she had no plans to adjust her modern earth woman's standards. Reg is one steamy hot space adventurer. I've always had a soft spot for men in spacesuits ever since I first watched Buck Rogers and Reg definitely gives Buck a run for his money. He was so alpha and it was fascinating to see him struggle with a modern woman with no plans to become a submissive house wife and mother. He is another manly man alien who almost borders on chauvinistic and while he is similar to the previous story's hero he is by no means a carbon copy. The descriptions and world building were detailed without being too weighed down and I enjoyed watching the interactions of our main characters with the ships AI. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I can only hope there are plans for more because I haven't nearly had my fill of these sexy alien mates. This story helps to cement just why this author has a solid spot on my must-read list.

When Penny is rescued by a gorgeous blue alien she plans on studying this new species and any other she encounters while accompanying him on his space travels. Reg does not want to give up his galactic travel missions for a mate especially this earth woman who never stops talking and is constantly peppering him with questions. She ignites his passion and confuses his emotions. Can they give up careers they love in order to have a future together?

Book Blurb for Alien Mate 3

Abducted by a hunky blue alien, researcher and admitted geek Penny is eager to study his mating habits—in the flesh. She’d like to blame her illogical affection for him on hormones, but the erotic remedy just heightens her chemical imbalance.

Reg never thought a simple rescue mission would make him question his decision to remain single. While Penny drives him crazy with her never-ending questions, her simple presence enflames his lust—and causes havoc with his emotions. But is he ready to give up the galactic travel he loves so much to settle down with an earthling female?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75