Abducting Casey

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Abducting Casey

Cheryl Yeko brings on the action right away and never lets up. Casey Gillette is an amazingly strong heroine. If faced with the same ordeal I’m not sure I would hold up as well as she did. Matt Sash would make any woman fall for her kidnapper if he were said kidnapper! He is larger than life and it was easy to see how his innately protective nature won Casey over straight away. The chemistry between these two was so intense it jumped off the pages, but there was also a sweetness to their connection that definitely appealed to the romantic in me. I also enjoyed the fact that there seemed to be two other romances taking place in the story, after all I’m a sucker for love! The author did a fabulous job of keeping the gritty parts of the story frightening enough to make my skin crawl and yet interweave softer emotions to make the pain worth enduring. I’m looking forward to reading more romantic suspense and perhaps getting updates on my favourite characters from this story.

Casey Gillette is kidnapped and held captive by some pretty rough guys but she knows if she’s going to survive she needs to trust her instincts and the one kidnapper who isn’t like the rest. Matt Sash has been undercover so long he’s almost forgotten how to protect the innocent but when Casey is used in order to ensure a terrorist attack is successful Matt must use all his training to keep the woman he’s grown to love safe.

Book Blurb for Abducting Casey


Held captive somewhere in the mountains by men intent on blackmail, Casey Gillette soon discovers her only chance to survive is to trust the one man among her captors who seems different from the rest.

Undercover Cop:

As an undercover cop, Matt Sash has had made plenty of tough calls in the field before, but this may be his toughest yet. Only days away from stopping a terrorist attack in Chicago, he’s thrust into the role of protector to the beautiful woman being used as a pawn in the deadly game.

With Time Running Out:

A desperate race ensues to stop an act of terror and save the woman he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00