A Tangled Web

Viviane Elisabeth Borg transports her readers to exotic locals and historical places with this sweeping story. I loved how detailed the history was in this story and yet it was so personalized that it was in no way like reading a boring text book. The experiences of the characters draws the reader into the story and makes you feel as invested as they are. Both Serena and Louisa are strong females and the fact that they are so different and yet in so many ways alike was fascinating, making their interactions all the more interesting to witness. I enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of Malta and because of this story it now has a spot on my Bucket List.. If you are looking for something a little different than the average romantic suspense story this intricate story might just be the choice for you.

When life ambushes Serena Burton she decides to rejuvenate on the island of Malta and she soon finds her holiday becoming a relocation and a new job. She is soon living with an firecracker of an author. Louisa Weston is an elderly writer with an interesting past and soon she's involved Serena in the tangled web of secrets and mysteries. Can Serena help find the answers or will a blossoming romance be the price she has to pay?

Book Blurb for A Tangled Web

Serena Burton is a shy and disillusioned young English woman holidaying on the Mediterranean island of Malta finds romance with the hotel manager, Luigi Coletti. She also finds herself deeply involved in the life of an elderly writer, Louisa Weston.

As Serena gradually discovers Louisa’s strange past she is drawn into a tangled web of hidden mysteries which are slowly uncovered, but at a high price…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00