A Poisoned Legacy

Margaret Blake immerses here readers and her heroine in the secret-shrouded South with this romantic suspense story. I rather enjoyed witnessing Belinda Fenton struggle with adapting to life in America and how different some of her words and phrases were interpreted. I love a little romance with my mysteries or a little mystery with my romances so I was happy to witness Belinda’s feelings for a certain gentleman change over time. I enjoyed seeing life through her eyes and meeting all the characters who played such an important role in her new life. The differences between the classes was very distinctive and I admit that I hadn’t really given it much thought until reading this story. The descriptions of the setting brought greater depth to the mystery and the people involved and I enjoyed the details sprinkled about the landscape and the weather. If you like your mysteries with a touch of romance then this is a good choice.

When Belinda Fenton inherits an American estate from a very distant relation she thinks it is the answer to all her problems but she never suspected she’d step in to such a tangled web of family secrets and suspicions. Suddenly strange things are happening and Belinda doesn’t know who to trust, the two new men in her life might not live up to her first impressions but is one or both of them a murderer?

Book Blurb for A Poisoned Legacy

Is someone trying to kill Belinda? There seems to be too many strange happenings but if so, whom can she trust?

Could Jesse Crane be behind it or, as unlikely as it seems, the charismatic preacher Carl Nash? Slowly secrets are uncovered; the legacy is tainted, people are not what they seem and Belinda realizes she’s being drawn into a web of deceit

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50