A Frenzied Bid for Murder

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A Frenzied Bid for Murder

Ellie Oberth uncovers a cold-case with this interesting suspense. Venice Sinclair is a heroine with a multitude of layers and she’s at once easy to relate to and in turns unbelievably out of touch for a woman under the age of 40. I love how genuinely involved she gets in the life of a young woman she will never meet and has nothing in common with. When she purchases an abandoned storage locker and discovers the diary I can understand how she becomes so involved. I enjoyed her relationship with her young side kick and her dogged determination even in the face of so much opposition. In fact I rather enjoyed all but one thing about the leading lady and this story but I’m sorry I find it hard to believe she had no idea how to use Social Media when even 80 year old grandmothers are on Facebook now. If you are looking for a suspense story that combines history and mystery and a cast of unbelievably well developed characters I suggest you pick this one up. I hope this isn’t the last I see of Venice because I know I’ll enjoy her next adventure as much as I did this one.

When Venice Sinclair joins her friend at a storage locker auction she is happy to buy the contents of a locker that looks more like a shrine. Her friend is happy because the contents will sell at her shops and Venice is intrigued to find a diary. Reading the diary leads her to believe the author was murdered and that she wasn’t the first victim. Soon Venice is searching for the killer but will she find answer before she becomes his next victim?

Book Blurb for A Frenzied Bid for Murder

Venice Sinclair decides to join her friend, Tanya at an auction at Lock & Go Mini-storage. Buying the contents of abandoned lockers provides inventory for Tanya’s two antique shops in Las Vegas: the higher end, Tanya’s Treasures and the more miscellaneous Junque in the Trunk. When the auctioneer whips open the rollup door on the first unit, Venice and the other bidders catch their breath. This storage room has been set up as a shrine! Tanya wins the bid. While they inventory their haul, Venice discovers a diary in the “shrine” unit. Of course she must read it, and soon Venice is convinced the diary reveals that its author was murdered. Venice’s friends are indulgent but skeptical as Venice starts to research the matter of the death. By the time they take her seriously, so does the murderer…and he is not pleased.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50