A Demon And His Witch

Welcome To Hell, #1

Eve Langlais successfully satisfies with this sardonic, hellacious tale. Ysabel is one thoroughly capable witch and while she definitely wouldn’t want anyone feeling sorry for her I couldn’t help but sympathize with her for her toad of an ex. While she did let his betrayal affect her in certain aspects I was happy to see she didn’t just roll over and give up. Instead, she embraced her underworld life and turned tragedy to triumph. She is a saucy secretary of Satan and takes nonsense from no one including the lord of hell himself so it is fabulous to see her stumble around with her attraction to the super sexy demon. Remy is so charmingly corny and I have to say I would have dropped my panties for him in record time. As a huge fan of this author and her acerbic dialogue and hard-hitting heroines I expect to be thoroughly entertained once I begin a new story and this one was definitely not a disappointment. Lucifer is one of my favorite characters and it was wonderful to see him up to his terrific tormenting of those he loves. I can’t wait to see who his next victim will be.

Book Blurb for A Demon And His Witch

An incorrigible demon meets his match when Lucifer pairs him with a witch.

Remy's not ready to settle down, it wouldn't be fair to  the ladies who love him so much. A giving demon, why would he deny them the pleasure of his excellent technique? But his view on monogamy changes when he meets a saucy witch with a firm grasp of the word 'No!' Who could resist the challenge? However, before he can put his demonizing days behind him, he needs to catch the bad guys, save the witch, and find a way to convince her to love him, not kill him.

Welcome to Hell where you're screwed if you do and damned if don't. And just so you know, Lucifer has a special spot reserved for you...

Warning: This story contains a sexy demon with corny pickup lines and a sassy witch who works for Satan. There is coarse language, hot scenes, a twisted version of Hell and a whole lot of giggles. If you possess an open mind, a good sense of humor and a tainted soul, then read at your own peril.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50