A Convenient Pretense

Elaine Violette entertains readers with this sweet traditional regency romance. Emily Hughes is a determined young lady and I couldn’t help but cheer her on, hoping that she would end up with what she needed if not necessarily what she wanted. I loved her creative nature and her absolute desire for success and independence. Marcus Deming, Earl of Pembridge is your typical Regency hero, he is charmingly rakish and determined to avoid marriage and yet he is thoroughly likable and not just on the surface. What I liked the most about these characters was that they each had fabulous backgrounds. These detailed backgrounds legitimately influenced their actions and feelings. I loved the matchmaking aunts and that they both seemed so genuinely serious to find spouses for their respective relatives. I loved the detailed descriptions of some of the settings, I swear I felt transported to Hyde Park and I could practically smell the flowers and see the antics of the wildlife our heroine was so taken by. The mystery was an added bonus and made for an interesting turn of events and an exciting conclusion. If you are a fan of traditional regency romances this is a solid choice.


Emily Hughes is not the typical young Miss who dreams of taking the Ton by storm and making an eligible match. But when her father demands she not put off her visit to London any longer where she meets Marcus Deming, Earl of Pembridge and they hatch a plan to foil their aunts’ matchmaking plans. But when Emily is called back home because of her father’s health both start thinking perhaps there pretense was more of a reality.

Book Blurb for A Convenient Pretense

Emily Hughes has little patience for the frivolity of the season. Marriage brought out only the worst in her parents and if she has her way, she’ll avoid matrimony altogether. Only the demands of her father are enough to force her to join her aunt in London for the festivities.

Marcus Deming, Earl of Pembridge, refuses to love after watching his father succumb to a broken heart. Marcus will marry, but only for the convenience of producing an heir. Love need have no place in a marriage.

Emily and Marcus agree to spend the season in each other’s company, fending off the worst of the suitors and their aunts’ schemes. It isn’t until Emily is called home to aid her ailing father that she and Marcus realize their pretense has escalated into something far more intense. So alike, right down to a shared stubborn streak, it’s going to take a common enemy and the ability to admit when they’re wrong for Marcus and Emily to secure the future they suddenly can’t imagine living without.

A Blush® Regency historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50