A Christmas Caroline

If you are looking for a fabulous holiday treat then this is one for you. A traditional sweet regency with unforgettable characters and a fantastic setting provide the perfect holiday tale. Lady Caroline is a no-nonsense heroine and who decides to make the best of the season and I couldn't help but hope she and her father and her fake fiancé would enjoy an unforgettable Christmas. Doctor Samuel Avery is a dashing hero, a true gentleman even though he isn't high born. He is such a hard worker, he is a sensitive caretaker to his patients and his orphaned sisters, honestly how can anyone not fall in love with this man. I loved the scenes with Samuel's sister and Caroline's father, the bond basically jumped off the page and kept me smiling throughout the story. I enjoyed living the traditions through their eyes and the story truly made the spirit of the season come to life. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a pleasant seasonal story.

Lady Caroline Selwyn's father's health is failing and she does not want him to spend his last days worrying about her future and is determined to give him a Christmas to remember. So she asks his physician to pose as her affianced husband. Doctor Samuel Avery has strong feelings for Caroline but with her exalted social standing he believed he never stood a chance but when she asks him to help make her father's last Christmas an enjoyable one he hopes that their arrangement can become a reality.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Caroline

Lady Caroline Selwyn’s world centers on her father, so when she receives dire news of his health—two days before Christmas, no less—her first thought is to weep. Her second is to make this Christmastide the best he’s ever known. She rummages in memory for festive traditions, plans charades, purchases bean cakes…and acquires an affianced husband. Oh, not a real one—what she does is convince Papa’s physician to pretend an engagement, for just a few weeks.

Doctor Samuel Avery can hardly credit his complicity in this madcap deception. Whatever was he thinking? But it does seem to improve the comfort of the earl, and his own sisters are in alt at the idea of his impending nuptials. And he has admired Caroline for so long, the role of her betrothed is easy to play. In fact, the scheme seems in every way perfect. Except that it is not true.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50