A Bull by the Horns

A Coffman Country Art Colony Cozy, #1

Deb Donahue delights readers with this fantastic first in a cozy mystery series. Honestly I finished reading this days ago and haven't stopped talking about it. I've mentioned it to friends and family and even a stranger in a doctor's office. I found the characters and scenario refreshing and entertaining. In fact I was so taken with the story that I'm seriously thinking of finding a retreat like this or starting one of my own. The setting is lovely, the suspects are intriguing and the death, definitely unique and attention grabbing.

I loved how Carina has to deal with her guests, the murder and numerous outside obstacles. She handles everything as a normal woman would. She isn't wonder woman! She doesn't magically solve all her problems. Because of that I liked her all the more. I loved the animals and how authentic her life on the farm seemed to me. Her guests were each and every one of them an absolute delight to read about. Even the victim before his demise was a pleasure to witness as his sharp tongue didn't seem to miss anyone. To be honest I'm a sucker for romance with my mystery and usually miss it but with this adventure the love between Carina and her husband is palpable and I really enjoyed their solid connection. I cannot wait to see who attends the retreat next and just what can happen. I hope I don't have to wait too long.

Carina Coffman is about to make her grandmother's dream come true as she awaits the first guests to her family farm's artist retreat. Things definitely aren't running smoothly for her. Her neighbor is against the idea from the start and is looking for any reason to shut it down. When one of her guests ends up dead, he might just get his wish. But Carina finds herself investigating the death and a historical incident that might help her find the answers she needs.

Book Blurb for A Bull by the Horns

Murder mysteries solved by mystery writers are boring. Mystery writers who are murder suspects—much more interesting. Especially if a poet, composer, artist and irascible old farmer have just as much motive and are equally annoying.

A Bull by the Horns is the first novel in the Coffman Country Art Colony series. Carina Coffman has worked hard to fulfill her grandmother’s dream of turning the family farm into an artist’s retreat. She thought the only obstacles she had left to deal with were a disgruntled neighbor unhappy with her new venture, and training Larry the goat to stop head-butting his companions Curly and Moe. When one of her guests ends up impaled by the longhorn of Ferdinand the taxidermied bull, however, she has her work cut out for her.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 5.00