Zero Cool

Hard Case Crime

Dr. Peter Ross takes a Spanish vacation to rest up from the last four years of study and stodge. He’s been told that a certain beach is the perfect place to drink and meet women. He isn’t disappointed. What he didn’t suspect was getting caught up in gang affairs that lead to a century old stone.

Zero Cool, by Michael Crichton, grasped my attention with its intriguing cover. Knowing that the author previously wrote this under a pen name brings a sense of allure to the page. The opening is absolutely fabulous and I read on, not because I had to, but because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to this ‘grandpa’ in his younger years. Dr. Ross and Angela set several pages on fire with their intimacy. Their bond is a rocky one that is difficult to figure out. Every character brought a bit of villain with him or her. Some were surprising while others were not. The plot twisted and turned ‘round every chapter, pulling me in deeper and deeper. I read the whole book in a matter of hours. We all know- those are the good ones!

Book Blurb for Zero Cool

American radiologist Peter Ross just wanted a vacation.  But when he meets the beautiful Angela Locke on a Spanish beach, he soon finds himself caught in a murderous crossfire between rival gangs seeking a precious artifact. 

From Barcelona to the rain-swept streets of Paris, from the towers of the Alhambra to its darkest catacombs, Peter Ross is an ordinary man in desperate circumstances: racing to uncover a secret lost for centuries, before he becomes its next victim.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00