When My Baby Dreams

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When My Baby Dreams

When My Baby Dreams, by Adele Enersen, is basically a photo album. The concept behind this book is a great one. The author wonders what her newborn baby is dreaming about when she's asleep. She dresses her daughter Mila up in various outfits and takes her picture. Mila is asleep in most of the pictures. The creation of the backgrounds from clothing and other household items is neat. I love that the publisher included a picture of the author and her baby, awake, on the back cover of the book.

This would be a good book to share with your child at bedtime. I'm sure this could lead to many lengthy conversations between parent and child. Great vocabulary is included in this story. The good thing about this book being so simple is children could make their own version of when they dream through pictures or drawings. A good book to incorporate into a life lesson about what happens when we sleep.

Book Blurb for When My Baby Dreams

Sometimes, Mila dreams she’s a butterfly . . . .

Sometimes, she’s a bookworm . . .

Or a surfer girl , or even an astronaut.

When Mila dreams, she can be anything.

From the brilliant mind of new mother Adele Enersen comes this imaginative journey through the irresistible dreamscapes of a newborn. A love letter to babies everywhere.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50