When Fashion Really Works

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When Fashion Really Works

When Fashion Really Works is a great depiction of fashion. I enjoyed browsing through the high quality color photographs and reading about the 'why' behind each fashion craze. This is well done and interesting information in a tiny book. Women young and old will have fun comparing the different clothing found between these pages.

Book Blurb for When Fashion Really Works

The true power of fashion lies in how well it epitomizes the attitudes of an era or class, how it uses or drives current technology, and how it redefines the public's collective tastes. In When Fashion Really Works, fashion insider Marnie Fogg explores 80 carefully selected garments that changed the fashion world. From Chanel's little black dress to Levi's denim jeans to the gingham bikini and the Adidas track suit, Fogg offers detailed analysis of each piece's influence on the mainstream that includes:

Biographical summaries of the designers and their key piecesQuotes from critics and designersMore than 150 stunning color photos

Garments are analyzed in reference to ten themes--Utility, Exoticism, Asceticism, Eroticism, Revivalism, Form, Subversion, Athleticism, Luxury, and Futurism--with each theme divided into subcategories and illustrated with specific outfits. A must-have book for all who love fashion!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00