Welcome to Deadland

Welcome to Deadland, by Zachary Tyler Linville, contains one of my favorite subjects- zombies. With all of the movies and television shows it seems the undead are quite the commodity. I love that the survivors find them selves at a theme park. This book is more about the characters than the apocalypse. They know how to kill the zombies, but I never read how they know that, The gay couple, and their journey was interesting. The family and the deaf daughter, again interesting. Then we throw in a lesbian couple and a drug addict and daddy doesn't love me anymore. It seems like a bit much. Every secondary character doesn't need his or her own struggle. Especially when the abrupt ending foreshadows an imminent sequel. This author has promise; the writing is good. I will probably read the sequel because I am now invested in these characters. I guess that says it all. I was hooked. And isn't that what every writer hopes for?

Book Blurb for Welcome to Deadland

In a thrilling debut from Nerdist, a ragtag group of survivors struggles to hold onto hope.

A widespread disease has ravaged humanity?symptoms include: animalistic rage, violent outbursts, and a ravenous hunger for human flesh. The few people left are thrust together to fight for their lives, before the world becomes overrun by the infected. Asher, Wendy, and Rico try to reach an abandoned theme park, hoping for sanctuary. Although fear of the infected is ever-present, the group finds themselves facing some very human concerns, as well as new adversaries.

Asher is Wendy’s only friend, and she fears that she’ll lose him if he ever discovers the dark secret she’s been harboring. Reeling from heartbreak, Asher clings to Wendy as he struggles to heal. Rico is a seventeen-year-old rebel used to ditching school and partying all night?but can he outgrow his debauched behavior in order to protect a six-year-old boy who has suddenly fallen under his care? These three will have to overcome their own demons in order to save not only themselves, but the last vestiges of humanity.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00