The Secret Lives of Married Women

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The Secret Lives of Married Women

The Secret Lives of Married Women is two stories within one binding. Had I read only the first one my rating would have been much lower. While the plot drew me in, and even took an unexpected turn, the main character’s limits weren’t explored to my liking. She discovers something about her sexuality that surprises her and then seems to give it up thinking it is lost to her. The second story ignited and didn’t let go. I suppose the differences of these two married twins was most obvious here. The defense attorney embraced her desires, giving in to the very fantasy she didn’t see herself engaging in. Thinking of the book as a whole work, the comparison is subtle yet obvious at the same time. This is definitely a mind driven escapade. One that I will read again in the very near future.

Book Blurb for The Secret Lives of Married Women

Two identical twin sisters - one a sexually repressed defense attorney, the other a former libertine now living a respectable life in suburbia - are about to have their darkest secrets revealed, to the men in their lives and to themselves. As one sister prepares for the thorniest trial of her career and the other fends off ominous advances from a construction worker laboring on the house next door, both find themselves pushed to the edge, and confronted by discoveries about themselves and their lovers that shock and disturb them.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50