The Ridge

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The Ridge

The Ridge, by John Rector, is one of my favorite genres- horror suspense without all the blood and guts. This book is definitely character driven and I love the character development. Megan is what we all strive to be, curious and independent. As a reader we feel for her because of her seemingly unstable past. The artist in me hates that she has quit painting, but knows that there is hope, and healing, in her picking that back up. Nothing in this story went like I predicted in my own head, and that is amazing and fun! Willow Ridge is a weird place, with weirder characters, and an even weirder agenda. Do yourself a favor and read all about it.

Book Blurb for The Ridge

With its manicured lawns, pastel houses, and quiet, tree-lined streets, Willow Ridge seems to be the perfect place for Megan and Tyler Stokes to start a new chapter in their lives together. But soon after settling in, Megan begins to notice cracks in the neighborhood’s bright suburban facade—cracks that reveal a darker secret hidden just beneath the surface.

After an angry encounter with a neighbor takes a horrifying turn, Megan’s waking nightmare truly begins—growing ever more chilling and bizarre with each shocking twist. Suddenly forced to question everything around her, Megan finds herself trapped between the specter of madness and the shadow of something far worse. Her only hope is to expose the community’s pretty lies and discover the truth about what is really going on in Willow Ridge—a truth so devastating that her life will never be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50