Simply Open

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Simply Open

A Guide to Experiencing God in the Everyday

Simply Open is a simple book. I say that because it breaks down the process of praying into such easy to follow steps. There are a lot of books these days that present the idea of religion and praying. This one relates communicating with God by using the five senses. I love the ideas that can be used anywhere and anytime. Many want to be more spiritual, but can't seem to find the time. These ideas solve that. The solution of praying and communicating with each sense is so- freeing. I can't express how much I love intertwining the senses to pray to God. I've tried many of the methods suggested in this book and plan to put the rest in place as well. If there ever was a complete way to pray, this is it. I encourage those looking for a deeper level of faith or enlightenment to read this book and follow the path to five sense prayer.

Book Blurb for Simply Open

The simplest, most transformative prayer you may ever pray—the five senses prayer.

This book invites you to a simple practice of prayer and awareness that can turn each ordinary workday into a deepening spiritual journey.

No matter where you are or how busy you get, your five senses are always “on,” your mind and heart responsive to what you perceive. These channels of awareness can take you deeper into God's great mystery if you practice the discipline of submitting them to the One who is closer than you imagine.

The beauty of such a contemplative path is that you can follow it anywhere—alone or in company, in quiet meditation or amid the bustle of your craziest day.

Moment by moment, you invite God to open you up—eyes, ears, nostrils, hands and mouth, heart and mind. And moment by moment, as you open yourself, you’ll find yourself closer to God’s grace-filled and wide-open heart. Simply Open.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00