Quick-Fix Southern

Homemade Hospitality in 30 Minutes or Less

This cookbook begins with a table of contents grouping like foods together. Great start. The acknowledgement and introduction give some insight to how southern women view family and food. I totally agree with this section and I’m so glad the author included it. The next part of the cookbook explains how to care for cast iron and the difference between regular flour and southern flour; I like this cookbook. Practical tips are always welcome to the cookbook reader.

Familiar anecdotes from the author add to the overall southern feel and are a welcome addition. I really like the way the author explains how the recipes may be made different or why they are made the way they are in the south. As I continued to read through this book I found more and more I enjoyed reading. All things southern would have been another great title because everything really is all about the south in this cookbook.

From appetizers to baked goods and everything in between you’ll find a great recipe for an old favorite in here. If you haven’t tried to make your own cheese grits, do it this month and use this recipe.

One slight downfall of this book is the lack of pictures. Usually I would really slam a cookbook for not having pictures of the finished product, but this one is different. While pictures would have been a good addition, the recipes are so simple that I think all of them can be successfully prepared without a model. The ingredients are all highlighted to find quick and easy. All of the directions to prepare those ingredients are directly below the listed materials. I’m sure the lack of pictures brought down the price of this book and whoever made that decision I applaud you for making this a quality yet affordable cookbook.

The back of this book includes a list of ‘sources’ where you can buy some things that may not be readily available, especially if you don’t live in the south. I would think this beneficial to some transplants or northerners who are southern cooks at heart!

Quick-Fix Southern is a practical, useful cookbook that shows the relationship between southern families and the food they prepare. I would recommend it to any new or seasoned cook looking for fun recipes that aren’t so time consuming.

This review was featured in the Night Owl Reviews Magazine. February 15h, 2012 Edition.

Book Blurb for Quick-Fix Southern

In Quick-Fix Southern, Rebecca Lang, cookbook author and contributing editor for Southern Living magazine, promises homemade hospitality--Southern style--in 30 minutes or less. Lang dishes up 115 recipes grouped in 10 themes ranging from Rise and Shine breakfasts to Sipping on the Screened Porch beverages, Girls' Night In party pleasers, and Southern Sweets desserts. In addition to photography, the book features cooking and preparation time for the effortless recipes.

The ultimate goal of Quick-Fix Southern is to present novice and experienced cooks with authentic homemade dishes reflective of New South cuisine that are delicious, fast, and easy to prepare. From Three Cheese Grits, Peach Yogurt Parfait, and Spiked Lemonade and Lime Mint Juleps to Fried Green Tomatoes and Roasted Tomatoes and Parmesan Grits, Benne Seed Sugar Cookies, and Lazy Girl Berry Cobbler, the delectable flavor combinations offered up inside Quick-Fix Southern transition to any setting. So, whether you're cooking up a side for a church potluck or preparing a main course for Sunday dinner or a Sunday spent at a sporting tailgate, Quick-Fix Southern promises to be your go-to guide for every occasion.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00