Pray Until Something Happens: Divine Principles for Praying with Confidence, Discerning God's Will, and Blessing Others

Push, by Jurgen Matthesius, is a single point of view about how to ‘pray with confidence’ and ‘discern God’s will’. The summarization of this book drew me in immediately. Everyone who prays would like to know it is for a purpose. I agreed with many of the author’s points and principles. Our society often lets political correctness take priority over the truth of what is. One who is praying should know who he or she is praying to. Praying until something happens is a wonderful concept. What pulled me away from the main point of this book was the way in which the author wrote about other religions. Maybe this particular novel was meant only for Christians. Saying that other religions of the world have misinterpreted and gotten things wrong and that Christians are the only one following the one true God seems injudicious. The big push here was downing other’s beliefs. I will take away the idea of praying with a purpose and believing that miracles do occur. I enjoyed the real life testaments. Those things can be found in most religious books of today. I don’t see where this one offered a lot of new insight which is what I think the short blurb insinuated.

Book Blurb for PUSH

This revolutionary book will explain what God wants for and from us when we petition Him for his will to manifest “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” and how to understand the difference.

Do you ever feel as if, despite your spirituality and faith, something significant is missing? Most teenagers and college students, as well as tens of millions of adults, are still striving to figure out the purpose and meaning of their lives.

The natural struggle for faith in something intangible can be compounded by incorrect teachings and contradictory explanations of the workings of God in our lives. How does “free will” really work? What does it mean to ask for God’s will? When things happen in life, how do you really know whether that is God’s will? Is there really any point in praying for His will if we can’t influence it?

These haunting personal questions became the genesis of PUSH as Matthesius sought answers. Now, he unpacks the powerful biblical truths he learned—the result of deep revelation from discovering God and constantly seeking to know him with all his heart.

PUSH is about helping you discover God’s dream for your life so you become the blessing you were meant to be. It is about helping you truly embrace the power of prayer and understand what that means instead of simply treating it as a platitude you offer when someone is struggling. This book will instill confidence and promote vision. PUSH will stir you to take action, to remain vigilant, and Pray Until Something Happens.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.00