One by One

A Danny Ryan Mystery

"One by One", by Sarah Cain, is a sequel to The 8th Circle. I was a little disappointed when I found that out before reading the story. I don't like to read a series out of order. I am a bit ocd about it. Anyways, I found that Danny Ryan was a secondary character in the other book and this is the first time Sarah Cain used him as a featured character. Ahh, crisis averted. I will go back and read the first one later. This author's attention to detail is uncanny. If you know the places she writes about, you will recognize them for sure. I like real details in my fiction. Kudos for that. I am all about character driven novels and this is one. The relationships are well built and fun to read about. Alex and Danny's interactions are plain good writing. Add in some action and what you have here is a fabulous read. I am into the series now. Going to research the previous ones and look forward to the future reads. Thank you Sarah Cain, you hooked me!

Book Blurb for One by One

Philadelphia journalist Danny Ryan is finally getting his life together. Two and a half years after losing his family, he’s moved to a new house, started working again, and even began getting close to fellow reporter Alex Burton. Then an old high school acquaintance, Greg Moss, shows up asking for help. He’s been getting threatening text messages, and he’s not the only one. Other members of Danny’s high school class have gotten the same messages, and now they’re dead. And then Greg becomes the next victim.

Between shady political connections and crooked land deals in his real estate business, Greg had plenty to hide, but it might have been an incident from his youth that led to his death. Now Danny finds himself drawn down the dark corridors of his own life as he tries to put together the lost memories from one fateful high school party all those years ago.

But when Danny receives a text of his own, it's a race to find the truth before the killer, much like his own past, can catch up to him in One by One, the electrifying follow-up to Sarah Cain's The 8th Circle.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 5.00