Odds On

Any crime novel with a robbery involved catches my interest. I love to read about the planning especially. Michael Crichton includes all of that in Odds On. The addition of three lovely ladies as the thieves will intrigue any reader. The exotic European locations used as the setting in this novel were well described and made me want to visit them myself. This novel takes a bit of science fiction on when the thieves simulate the robbery of the Reina on a computer. It is fun to compare the actions of the characters from that time period, 1966, to today, 2014. Jencks is the character whose personality injects the unbelievable into every scene that he makes an appearance in. All readers of hard case crime will enjoy this novel, but especially those also interested in the 1970’s time period.

Book Blurb for Odds On

The plan: to rob the Reina, a super-luxury hotel off the coast of Spain. The crew: three seasoned criminals with the skills to pull off the heist of the century. The edge: the scheme has been simulated in a computer, down to the last variable. 

The complication: three beautiful women with agendas of their own - and the sort of variables no computer can fathom...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50