Long Time Lost

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Long Time Lost

Long Time Lost is an adventure book with a series of twists that will keep you on your toes. Chris Ewan does a superb job of character building right from the start. Miller a.k.a. Nick Adams, is complicated. As a reader you know from the start he is a good guy/tough guy/guy you want to root for. Kate is the perfect compliment to him. I love the whole crew- Becca and Hanson are fantastic secondary characters who readers will immediately relate to. Everyone has a background and these characters are no different. The unraveling of their back stories shows us why they make the decisions they do. I enjoyed the different locations visited. There is one shocking moment toward the end that took my breath away. Without giving anything away I will say that you should put a weekend aside and read this one all at once.

Book Blurb for Long Time Lost

“Don’t call anyone else and stay inside the house. Pack a small bag. Just one.”

“You’ll come, then?”

“I’ll be there soon. But remember, Kate: there’s no going back.”

Nick Miller and his team provide a unique and highly illegal service, relocating at-risk individuals across Europe with new identities and new lives. Nick excels at what he does for a reason: he himself spent years living in the shadows under an assumed name.

But when Nick steps in to prevent the attempted murder of witness-in-hiding Kate Sutherland on the Isle of Man, he triggers a chain of events with devastating consequences for everyone he protects. Kate—and now Nick—are under attack by Connor Lane, a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means tearing Nick’s entire network apart…

Chris Ewan's Long Time Lost is a fast-paced stand-alone thriller that The Independent (UK) calls "masterful...Fellow novelist Ann Cleeves' description of [Chris Ewan] as a 'master storyteller' pretty well hits the nail on the head."

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50