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Last Days

Last Days is the most recent novel by Adam Nevill, horror extraordinaire. Kyle Freeman, the main character, is one of the most intriguing characters I've come across in a while. His aim to make it big in filmmaking overshadows his good sense, but it makes for a compelling read. The cult following he investigates and films is enough to draw in readers of the unknown. Adam Nevill's writing will keep them suspended until the very last page. Each character in this book is well rounded with a bit of quirk. The way they interact and play upon one another is astonishing.

I fell in love with Adam Nevill’s writing with The Ritual. This novel lets me know I need to go back and read every single title this writer has out. The horror genre is focusing on blood and guts these days and the ‘horror’ seems to have fallen by the wayside. Thank you, Adam Nevill, for keeping the horror in your books. While the blood and gore is a given, the journey to get there is the real story. You’ve created a follower for life. I look forward to your next novel, and the next, and the next!

Book Blurb for Last Days

Indie filmmaker Kyle Freeman is a man at the end of his tether. He faces bankruptcy and obscurity, until he lands a commission to make an unusual documentary. The Temple of the Last Days was a notorious cult, which reached its bloody endgame in the Arizona desert in 1975. Ever since, the group's rumoured mystical secrets and paranormal experiences have lain concealed behind a history of murder, sexual deviancy and imprisonment. Kyle and his one-man crew film the cult's original bases in London and France -- finally visiting the desert crime scene where the cult self-destructed in a night of ritualistic violence. But when Kyle interviews survivors, uncanny events plague his shoots. Frightening out-of-body experiences and nocturnal visitations follow, along with the discovery of ghastly artefacts. Until Kyle realises, too late, that they've become entangled in the cult's hideous legacy. Praise for Adam Nevill 'This novel grabs from the very first page ...Superb' Guardian 'Lean, compelling, dark, at times frightening' The Herald 'Horrifyingly scary ...Nevill sinuously ramps up the tension' Sunday Times

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00