If I Could Turn Back Time

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If I Could Turn Back Time

Beth Harbison has created an interesting piece of fiction with, If I Could Turn Back Time. This book is one, at first glance, that readers, aka=me, think they know what is going to happen before reading a single word. While the plot does start out as predictable, only because I read it in the blurb, the rest of the story takes a delightful twist that readers won't see coming. I love journeys like that. Ramie Phillips is a wonderful character that most will relate to. Who isn't stressed these days? Who wouldn't like to go back in time and tweak a few life happenings? This author will show that minor characters can be as important as major ones. Grab this book for a great weekend read. You won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for If I Could Turn Back Time

Told with Beth Harbison's wit and warmth, If I Could Turn Back Time is the fantasy of every woman who has ever thought, "If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I'd do things so differently..."

Thirty-seven year old Ramie Phillips has led a very successful life. She made her fortune and now she hob nobs with the very rich and occasionally the semi-famous, and she enjoys luxuries she only dreamed of as a middle-class kid growing up in Potomac, Maryland. But despite it all, she can't ignore the fact that she isn't necessarily happy. In fact, lately Ramie has begun to feel more than a little empty.

On a boat with friends off the Florida coast, she tries to fight her feelings of discontent with steel will and hard liquor. No one even notices as she gets up and goes to the diving board and dives off...

Suddenly Ramie is waking up, straining to understand a voice calling in the distance...It's her mother: "Wake up! You're going to be late for school again. I'm not writing a note this time..."

Ramie finds herself back on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, with a second chance to see the people she's lost and change the choices she regrets. How did she get back here? Has she gone off the deep end? Is she really back in time? Above all, she'll have to answer the question that no one else can: What it is that she really wants from the past, and for her future?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50