Home for the Summer

"Home for the Summer", by Holly Chamberlin, is not the light and airy read I thought it would be. I tend to pick books with summer in the title because they are usually fun and uplifting. I do understand that this plot started with a tragedy, but I still looked forward to the journey of these characters to get where they needed to be emotionally. This book does have a happy ending, and for that I am glad, but the story getting there didn't grab me. I liked the characters well enough, but I didn't connect with them. Three women, three generations- there should have been a vast difference in their personalities or at least mannerisms, the way they dealt with life. It was kind of a blur and I needed a little more adventure or speed or something that could move this along a little faster. Again, there is a happy ending and lots of emotional diatribe. If that is something you enjoy reading you will love this book.

Book Blurb for Home for the Summer

In bestselling author Holly Chamberlin’s poignant new novel, a mother and daughter escape to a beautiful coastal town in Maine to find healing in the wake of heartbreaking loss.

The journey to Yorktide, Maine, was always a happy one for Frieda and Aaron Braithwaite and their two daughters. Frieda loves her mother’s old farmhouse, and the girls have grown closer there, sharing a bedroom and spinning stories into the night. But that was before—when tragedy was something that happened to other families.

Since the car crash that claimed the lives of her husband, and their younger daughter, Frieda has struggled emotionally and financially. Bella, now seventeen, is withdrawn and wary, and Frieda fears losing her too.

At her mother’s urging, Frieda decides to return to Yorktide with Bella for the summer. Bella gets a job in a local shop, and little by little edges her way back into the world. But it’s the unexpected connections they make—with a former schoolmate, a troubled teenage girl, and Frieda’s estranged father—that will spur them to find healing amid bittersweet memories, and discover if their bond is strong enough to guide them back to hope once more.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 3.00