Grave Descend

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Grave Descend

Grave Descend, by Michael Crichton, has an intriguing cover that pulled me right in. I am a lover of water stories and mysteries so this Hard Case Crime novel seemed perfect from the get go. James McGregar is an expert diver with lots of experience. When he finds the Grave Descend in Jamaica, something is off and he isn’t the only one who notices. Inspector Burnham gets involved and McGregar tells all. The addition of women, alcohol and other shifty characters brings the mystery to a head. The evil plot that McGregar finds himself neck deep in will only get worse before it gets better. A happy ending seems a bit impossible, but staying alive may also be more than he can get.

Book Blurb for Grave Descend

Diver James McGregor is used to exploring sunken ships. But there's something strange about the wreck of the Grave Descend. No one aboard tells quite the same story about what happened. Then there's the mysterious cargo they were carrying...

In one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a sinister plot is about to unfold.  And if McGregor's not careful, he may find himself in over his head.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00