Gifts Cooks Love

Recipes for Giving

I love recipe books that involve sharing and this hardback edition certainly does. I have all kinds of jar recipe books. Most involve layering ingredients to make cookies or sometimes soups. What I enjoy about this recipe book is the variety. It includes make-a-gift kits, but it also has drink gifts, preserved gifts, dehydrated gifts, chocolate gifts and even no cook gifts. There is definitely something for everyone in this book. Do you know what Arrabbiata sauce is? Buy this cookbook and find out. Everything from smoked bacon to salmon gravlax is in this creative assortment of recipes.

Giving someone the gift of food is from the heart. I love to get homemade gifts myself. It tells me that the giver cared enough to spend time preparing my present, and that means something. Chapter one of Gifts Cooks love is a checklist of common kitchen tools you will need to prepare many of the recipes and gifts included. This book even has a section on how to package your gifts so that the outside is as pretty as the inside. The pictures in this book are bright, colorful and sometimes even informative if you aren't sure how the finished product should look.

The great thing about giving these gifts of love is that they can work for everyone. From a single friend to a family of eight, they all love food! Think about anyone you come in contact with, your mail person, your hairdresser, your children's teachers or maybe a family member. All of them would appreciate the recognition that these gifts provide. Most incorporate ingredients that you have around the house so they won't be real expensive. I can't wait to try the green tomato chutney and the parmesan crackers!

I recommend this cookbook to new cooks and seasoned veterans alike. Save money and give the gift of love! I know I can't wait to attempt every idea and recipe in this book. A+

Book Blurb for Gifts Cooks Love

From Orange Cardamom Marmalade and Salmon Gravlax to Rustic Rosemary Parmesan Crackers and Blueberry-Blackberry-Basil Margarita Puree, the recipes in Gifts Cooks Love will help you create the perfect gift for any occasion. Because making a handmade gift takes time--one of life's most precious commodities--Gifts Cooks Love emphasizes that giving a handmade offering expresses something very personal.

In this beautifully presented book, Sur La Table and Diane Morgan offer something for every level of cook, providing accessible recipes delivered with helpful kitchen tips and ingredient notes, as well as guidance for artfully wrapping and presenting these edible gifts. Gorgeous full-color photographs encourage and motivate creativity, while the 40 recipes inside Gifts Cooks Love are certain to please all palates any time of year, from the sweet and simple to the gourmet. Some of the techniques include preserving fruits, dehydrating fresh mushrooms, smoking and curing meat and fish, and creating spirited beverages. For the beginning cook, there are even simple-to-make no-cook food gifts. And because tasteful treats deserve equally tasteful presentations, each delicious recipe comes with a beautiful packaging idea. Gifts Cooks Love will show you how to turn your handmade gifts into homemade hugs with a few slices of art paper, colorful twists of ribbon, or quick strokes of a brush.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00