Drowned Worlds

Jonathan Strahan, editor, has compiled an interesting collection of stories that describe drowned worlds-where the oceans have risen to catastrophic depths causing mankind to change how we live and survive. This is a subject we all wonder about, What will happen when the sun quits shining? When the oceans cover the land? When the land falls into the ocean? the Earth's eventual demise is something that readers love to read about. I often wonder how close my own theories coincide with other's ideas, and this is a good way to tell. These stories run the gamet from happy to sad to forlorn and desperate. I loved reading about how known locations, such as the North Pole, changed after this great disaster. New environments are created and changed. Each writer brought a different perspetive to the table and each of them were fabulous. Short stories are often a springboard to longer ones and I hope that is the case for many of these authors. I highly recommend this anthology for the dystopia curious.

Book Blurb for Drowned Worlds

The brand new anthology from multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan, featuring stories set in futures wracked by the deluge, from some the best writers in SF, including Kim Stanley Robinson, Ken Liu, Paul McAuley, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Charlie Jane Anders, Lavie Tidhar, Jeffrey Ford, and James Morrow.

We stand at the beginning of one of the greatest ecological disasters in the time on Man. The world is warming and seas are rising.  We may deny it, but we can’t hide when the water comes. Already the streets of Miami flood regularly and Mick Jones looks more and more prescient when he sang that “London is drowning and I, I live by the river!” all those years ago.

And yet water is life. It brings change. Where one thing is wiped away, another rises in its place.  There has always been romance and adventure in the streets of a drowned London or on gorgeous sailing cities spanning a submerged world, sleek ships exploring as land gets ever rarer.

Drowned Worlds looks at the future we might have if the oceans rise, good or bad.  Here you’ll find stories of action, adventure, romance and, yes, warning and apocalypse. Stories inspired by Ballard’s The Drowned World, Sterling’s Islands in the Net, and Ryman’s The Child Garden.  Stories that allow that things may get worse, but remembers that such times also bring out the best in us all.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50