Catalina Eddy

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Catalina Eddy

A Novel in Three Decades

Daniel Pyne is a fantastic author when it comes to mystery and intrigue. This novel includes three separate stories, all taking place in different decades. The Big Empty occurs in the 50's and involves a dead wife to the main character who is determined to find the killer. Losertown happens right around when I graduated, 1987. The justice system is at play here. Some cops will do anything to get their man. Even if it means hurting the innocent. Sabrina may be one of those cops.

The Portuguese Bend is the most current story happening in 2016. Finn is an interesting character who figures out the real killer. I liked the addition of a military woman as a suspect. If I had to pick a favorite between the three it would be this one.

Each of these stories has a tricky mystery to be solved and I loved attempting to figure out what was happening before it happened. I enjoyed the way the author loosely strung these tales to one another. The cover graphics weren't my favorite, but that is easily overlooked when the writing hooks and doesn't let go. Looking for more by this author.

Book Blurb for Catalina Eddy

Times may change, but crimes never do, and neither do the people who investigate them. A collection of three loosely connected crime novellas, each set in a distinct era, Catalina Eddy is a gritty, hard-boiled exploration into the immutable police underworld of Southern California. In The Big Empty, an obstinate Los Angeles detective investigates the murder of his estranged wife while fears of nuclear war and Communism grip the nation; in Losertown, a mid-career attorney in San Diego chases down a legendary drug kingpin but chafes against the Reagan Revolution policies of his new boss; and in Portuguese Bend, set in the present day, an undercover cop is paralyzed in a gunfight but determined to solve what may be her last case as a police officer in Long Beach. They are all, in one way or another, stuck in dreary endless loops of love, murder, and the quest for clarity, release, and redemption.  

Reminiscent of James Ellroy’s grittiness and Raymond Chandler’s dark wit, Catalina Eddy is Daniel Pyne’s clever homage to—and skillful deconstruction of—traditional noir storytelling. Moody, enthralling, and keenly imagined, Catalina Eddy evokes the characters and ambiance of a singular, peculiar landscape with cinematic flair.

"Daniel Pyne flips all the standards upside-down with Catalina Eddy and in the process delivers a classic California noir — times three. This is Pyne’s masterpiece. I guarantee no reader will go wanting.”

–Michael Connelly

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.50