Where Truth Lies

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Where Truth Lies

Grace McKenzie, museum curator, inherits an art gallery from an ex-fiance who was murdered in his gallery. Her stay in lovely New Hope, Pennsylvania, starts off with a bang as she's attacked.in the same gallery. With the assistance of handsome Matt Baxter, FBI agent and son of the alleged murderer, Grace must find out "Where Truth Lies".

With zero chemistry between the cardboard cut-out hero and the too-perfect heroine, "Where Truth Lies" falls short of the mark in both romance and suspense. The romantic interest between the lead characters is treated as a requisite subplot tacked on. The heroine's tragic flaws seem to be that she only weighs 110 pounds and can't gain weight no matter what she eats, and that she jumps into rivers to save people, with no thought to her own safety. The hero is a cartoon of an FBI agent, with no personality beyond a strong resemblance to George Clooney. And his tragic flaw is that he has no idea who Mr. Clooney is!

The suspense portion is more visible, but it isn't too difficult to figure out who the bad guys are. Despite the serious topics of rape, abduction, murder and child molestation, the mystery dissolves into slapstick at the finale. When a character is frisked for a cell phone, the bad guy misses the .357 handgun she's packing just because he was looking for a phone, not a gun!

"Where Truth Lies" fails as a romance and lacks true suspense, making it a forgettable entry in the crowded romantic suspense genre.

Book Blurb for Where Truth Lies

Museum curator Grace McKenzie is shocked when she receives word that her ex-fianc‚, Steven Hatfield, has been murdered. In his will, Steven has left her his art gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Anticipating that she would turn down the bequest, he asked that she spend a week at the gallery before making her final decision. Motivated by a sense of duty to a man she once loved, Grace agrees to go to New Hope for one week.

She isn't the only person drawn to the small town. FBI agent Matt Baxter has returned to his hometown for one reason only--to clear his father of a bogus murder charge. While he and Grace seek answers, they discover that beneath the surface of this charming, peaceful town lies an old secret a few of its citizens would rather keep buried. And when their search takes an unexpected turn, they have only hours to find out where the truth lies--or be buried with it.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 2.00