The Suicide Club

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The Suicide Club

Someone in a small Alabama town is burning down churches, and as the police increase their investigation, the crimes escalate. Detective Jace Nolan is certain one or more of the students in Lindsey Sloan's talented and gifted class is responsible, but can't prove anything without her assistance. As their loyal teacher, Lindsey is sure that none of her bright, well-adjusted students could be involved. Just when it seems that the two are at an impasse, the criminals start to target Lindsey, first with a dangerous prank, then a more serious threat. This brings Jace and her closer together, working on the same side of the investigation and also giving in to their growing attraction.

"The Suicide Club" starts strong, with author Gayle Wilson skillfully introducing a large cast of characters without tipping her hand. The plot and setting are unique; you don't see high schools used as settings much in the suspense genre.

Jace is a "strong, silent type" hero, and could have used a little more emotional vulnerability. Lindsey is a realistic, sympathetic character, probably because the author was a teacher of gifted students herself. The other cast, students and teachers, are also realistic and not cartoons or villains. The gripping final scene plays out at a good pace, neither rushed nor drawn out.

Gayle Wilson has written a tense, exciting romantic suspense, filled with chilling anticipation while we wait for the next horrible crime to occur.

Book Blurb for The Suicide Club

Lindsey Sloan teaches the best and brightest students at Randolph-Lowen High School-exceptional teens with promising futures far from their small Alabama hometown. So when brash detective Jace Nolan arrives from up north and accuses her kids of setting a series of fires in local black churches, Lindsey is furious.

No matter how Jace tries to convince her, Lindsey can't believe her pupils could do something so horrible, let alone be addicted to the rush of getting away with it. But when her attraction to Jace places her in mortal danger and people begin dying, Lindsey can no longer be sure just what her students are capable of.

If Jace is right, it's up to the two of them to outsmart these criminal minds-before they carry out the ultimate thrill-kill.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00