Tag, You're It!

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Tag, You're It!

"Tag, You're It,"a new romantic suspense by Penny McCall, is long on chase scenes and short on romance.

Biology researcher and former beauty queen Alex is thrust into a treasure hunt when FBI agent Tag falls out of an airplane and into a snow bank near her Colorado cabin. The plot is a confusing mish mash of Spanish gold, double-crossed treasure seekers, and duped investors. Don't try to keep track of how many people are chasing after Alex and Tag, or figure out who's working for whom. It's not possible to keep up. The author's thrown in a small town of colorful characters, but everyone inhabiting the town is mean, makes sexual come-ons, and has bad breath! And Alex wants to call these her people for some reason? Furthermore, this book is devoid of any emotional content. The characters never really fall in love, though they say they have by the end of the story.

Alex and Tag race around while being chased by the bad guys (a pair of bumbling, inept goons - how handy!), stop for sex (and a shower), and then race around some more. The main characters talk in circles, trying to outwit one another, and ride their horses in circles, trying to dodge kidnappers.

It's tiresome and boring. "Tag, You're It" is the second in a series, following "All Jacked Up," which was so unbelievably dull that I couldn't finish it. Luckily, "Tag, You're It" stands alone and has few references to the earlier book.

Book Blurb for Tag, You're It!

The frigid Rocky Mountain air is nothing compared to the chill between a gorgeous scientist and a hardened FBI agent. But out in the middle of nowhere, all it takes is body heat to melt the snow.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 2.00